AEA Portal Set to Launch Website Services

Author // Brad
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After four years of planning and development, AEA Portal will begin offering its website services and associated applications to Eligible Family Members (EFM) and Employee Associations this April. It is currently enrolling early-bird additions at no cost for its basic service during the month of March. AEA Portal offers advanced websites to American Employee Associations and EFMs for rates lower than currently available on the market.

When asked about the four years of planning and development, founder, Brad Scott, said:

We really could have started the most basic services several years ago, but I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and wanted all of the bells and whistles available at once. And even while a lot of the bells and whistles are available, we hope to get feedback from clients about their unique application needs. Once we have this type of information from our users, we’ll be able to develop other cool tools that are easy to use.

With the focus of improving morale and satisfaction among expats all over the world through non-governmental services, AEA Portal’s main business segment is American expats and American employee associations. It aims to improve satisfaction levels of employee-association members/customers through the dissemination of sound business practices and accessibility to web applications that will improve services locally and throughout the world.

At the elementary level, AEA Portal maintains a database of basic information about each employee association and its services, providing a link to their respective websites (should one exist outside of AEA Portal). AEA Portal hopes to form a community where club members come to find the services offered by various employee associations throughout the world, sign up for services, and connect with other expats – through the site or integrated with Facebook.

At more advanced levels, AEA Portal provides active clients with various customized do-it-yourself website applications that enable their members to complete activities online. Some of those activities currently include:

  • Scheduling services such as tennis courts, recreation rooms, and other services
  • Member login and viewing of their own monthly invoices
  • TDY apartment reservations
  • Sharing website media over social marketing sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Downloading member applications and other information
  • Access to CLO information
  • Easy query and location of active associations

Additional website support services for website administrators or general managers of association and EFM websites include:

  • Integration with SurveyMonkey, YouTube, and Google Maps
  • Multi-level administrative privileges (for assigning different web responsibilities to staff)
  • Google Analytic and reports
  • SEO
  • Newsletter creation and distribution
  • Easy Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) creation
  • A variety of website designs and themes
  • Domain name porting and pointing
  • Email under the domain name
  • Website maintenance and updating
  • Technical Support
  • Training

The basic service offered by AEA Portal is a website with a complete content management system (CMS). But even the most basic service is well-advanced for market standards, offering various productivity packages and web applications through plugins specifically customized for associations. Websites of this caliber often run from $5,000 all the way up to $20,000 for the design and development. AEA Portal, however, offers a turnkey solution for American Employee Associations, starting at only $40 per month and only $15 per month for EFMs. Clients aren’t forced to do it themselves if they don’t want to either – AEA Portal will build and maintain client websites for them at extremely competitive rates.

AEA Portal is an exciting new development for American employee associations and EFMs. In regards to EFMs, AEA Portal provides the means to create a high-end website at an extremely low, or no, start-up cost, which is typically the barrier many EFMs face. As for Employee Associations, there should no longer be any excuse not to have a website that, at the very least, displays what the association offers. AEA Portal makes this even easier than ever before, starting today.

AEA Portal is the sister company of BCT Global, LLC, registered in California. It offers a wide variety of consulting services and IT integration for businesses and associations around the world. AEA Portal has free tutorials for QuickBooks POS on its website for anyone to use and comment on.