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    This page was created as a holder spot for American Community Support Association (ACSA ) of New Delhi. It is not the official website of ACSA .

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    In the latest version of our framework we've added a shortcode library to make your features and posts dynamic. For example, you can plugin Google maps shortcode in your site!

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ACSA of New Delhi

A Note About this Site

This site was created as a courtesy to the American Community Support Association of New Delhi by the AEA Portal Network. The information below is based on Post Reports.

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    AEA Portal understands how associations and commissaries are regulated by the Office of Commissary and Recreation Affairs (CR). Using CR guidelines and best business practices, we will work with you to improve the services of your association so that your members’ satisfaction is maximized.

    Often the first step for this maximization is through your website. When your association is on the web, current and future members can find it, read about it, and interact with association employees.

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    The AEA Portal is a central location for all American Employee Associations (6 FAM 500). It is AEA Portal's vision to help foreign service employees locate information about their clubs and commissaries easily from any location in the world through the Association Finder. At the same time, General Managers and association employees will find that establishing and updating a professional-looking and functioning website on the portal has never been quite so easy.

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    AEA Portal makes it easy for employee associations to set up websites that all members can access. The user friendly Content Management System (CMS) makes creating a vibrant, dynamic, and attractive website for your association easy. Maintaining the site is even easier. For example, you don't have to do it all. You can assign different tasks to various employees and approve any content before publication or you can send your updates to AEA Portal to post with a certain artistic touch.

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